Who We Are?

A Tax Center LLC has been in business fourteen years.  We are a small business and open year round by appointment.

Originally the company was started in 2001 by two Rochelles. Both women had gained extensive experience at H&R Block and were ready to go out on their own. One partner later moved to Arizona, and the remaining Rochelle partnered with her daughter. Currently Rochelle and Amy Partrick are partners in the business.

Rochelle has 28 years of tax experience as of 2014, and Amy has 11 years tax experience.  In 2002 both Rochelle and Amy took the SEE, passed, and became Enrolled Agents in 2003.

A Tax Center LLC is a member of the Danbury Chamber of Commerce.  Both Amy and Rochelle are members of the National Association of Tax Professionals, The National Association of Enrolled Agents and the New York/ Connecticut Association of Tax Professionals.

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We’re offering services to help alleviate the stress that comes with the burden of taxes.

Federal and State Tax Returns:

We have over 25 years’ experience preparing Individual returns and schedules, including schedule C for small business owners and schedule E for landlords.

We have over 20 years’ experience preparing Partnership returns, including K-1s.

We have over 20 years’ experience preparing S-Corp returns, including K-1s, and C-Corp returns.

We have over 15 years’ experience preparing the 990N (post-card), 990EZ, and 990.

Our Skills:

Tax Preparation 100%

Sales Tax Payments 100%

PayRoll Taxes100%

Employer Quarterly Reports 100%

Customer Service 100%

Meet The Team

Rochelle Partrick

Rochelle is a long time Danbury resident and has a B.A. in Education from Western Connecticut State Teachers College. She was tired of needlepoint and crochet when her husband decided he would retire. She took an H&R Block tax course to figure out how to handle her joint tax return, and realized she enjoyed preparing taxes more than her previous hobbies. Block offered her a job, and her tax career began. While at Block she started in individual tax returns, and later started preparing business returns. In the late 90s, after over a decade working for H&R Block, she and a friend left the company. They waited out their non-compete period and then started their own business in 2001. After a couple years her partner relocated to Arizona. Needing a new partner, she drafted her daughter. After her daughter asked her to take the Enrolled Agent exam, Rochelle did in 2002 and passed all four parts. She became an Enrolled Agent in 2003.

Amy Partrick

Amy is a Danbury native and has a B.B.A from W.C.S.U. When her mother’s partner left the Danbury area, Amy became her mother’s new business partner and suggested that her mother become an Enrolled Agent. Rochelle said she would take the exam if Amy would take it also. After researching study materials, and paying for half of them, Amy became serious about studying for the exam. She took the test in 2002 and passed all four parts on her first try. Amy became an Enrolled Agent in 2003 and also became a VITA volunteer the same year. She has prepared taxes for VITA and with her mother every year since.