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PLEASE BE AWARE, scams related to year’s refunds are already starting. Be suspicious if the “IRS” E-MAILS OR CALLS you about refunds or monies due. All initial IRS contact about your current tax return happens via the U.S. Mail. Please read this warning: Identity Theft Scam Warning. Many people are now aware that tax payers are receiving calls from individuals claiming to be IRS agents and demanding payment for “taxes due” from file tax returns. Many individuals are so afraid of the IRS that they have made payments to these scammers.

Calling you is not the first step the IRS would take if you owe them money. They will never demand immediate payment over the phone. The IRS is getting so many complaints about this phone scam (and so many people have been defrauded of money) that they have actually mentioned the problem in a video on YouTube about Tax Scams. CLICK HERE FOR MORE 

IRS Where’s My Refund? Page – Always popular during refund season – you supply your Social Security Number, Filing Status and the amount you’re expecting to be refunded, the IRS will inform you of when you should expect your refund.