A Tax Center LLC Prices

[accordionwrap] [accordion title=”Personal Returns”] Simple Return – $300+ : Federal 1040 and one state tax return with W2s and Standard Deduction

Moderate Return – $400+ : Federal 1040 and one state tax return with W2s, Schedule A (itemized deductions), Schedule B (Interest and Dividends) Complex Return – $500+ : Federal 1040 and multiple state returns Schedules A, B, C, D, E K-1s Self-employment income (1099 MISC) [/accordion] [accordion title=”Business Returns”] Business Returns C-Corp (1120) – $475+

S-Corp (1120-S) – $475+

Partnership (1065) – $475+

Not For Profit (990-EZ, 990) – 450+

If you are not a current client, we require a copy of your last filed tax return. [/accordion] [accordion title=”What kicks in the +?”]

More than 3 W2s

Multiple States


Multiple stock sales with a paper 1099-B

Disorganization – bringing all the paperwork in a shoebox, paper bag, etc. Whether it’s your personal return, a rental or a schedule C, we’ll be happy to sort through it, but you will pay for our time.

Representation – if you’ve received a letter (or many letters) from the State or Federal Tax authorities and need our help to work through the problem. [/accordion] [accordion title=”What can keep costs down?”]

Bring in all the required paperwork the first time.

Timeliness – inevitably you will forget a form or we will have questions or need addition backup. If you respond promptly we are able to complete your return more promptly. It’s not fun to file an extension for someone who won’t supply the forms we need to complete the return.

Having an electronic 1099-B and the basis of all items sold

Provide an organized print-out, or neatly handwritten listing, of rental or schedule C income and expenses.

Obtain missing information on your own. We can tell you how, if you would rather spend the time than pay us to. [/accordion] [/accordionwrap]

All prices include electronic filing. Contact Us Now